Brittany Welsh Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer Headlight Tattoo

About Brittany Welsh

At 14 years old, when most girls were busy trying to "fit in" at school, and pretending to be "normal",  Brittany was tattooing people.
It all started when her father bought her a tattoo machine. She did a large monster fish on his side. The outline still looks good!  So it began with family and friends. Eventually she would tattoo herself on the tops of her legs and wherever she could . Then she stopped . She knew that tattooing at home was not going to get her where she needed to be.

Brittany came to Headlight Tattoo Inc in the Summer of 2016. She learned Tattooing and Piercing mainly under the Direct Supervision of Harry Ake, but finished off well by spending a lot of time with Liz Glitz, who is a remarkable artist and a wonderful person to work with.

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Brittany Welsh is a Professional Practitioner of Tattoo, and a Health Department " Approved Body Piercing Practitioner". Her credentials are on File in Gloucester County, NJ USA. She has literally been tattooing people longer than most South Jersey Professionals.
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Brittany is really smart. She has a degree in education and is currently working towards another degree at Rowan University.  She does more in a day than many people do in a week. She's a mom (she has a beautiful baby boy), and has a lot of support from her parents, friends, family, and the Artists at Headlight Tattoo. Other than being busy and creative and all that, she is a nice person and a good friend to have.
If you would like to get a tattoo or a piercing from Brittany, feel free to email her at      -HJA