Liz Glitz

    Liz Glitz is an accomplished artist who has a Bachelor's Degree from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and an Advertising Design Degree from Mercer County Community College.
She apprenticed under the direct supervision of Harry Ake, through the Headlight Tattoo Inc. Tattoo Apprenticeship Program, and became a "Licensed Practitioner of Tattoo" in December 2012.  Liz Glitz is currently tattooing Tuesday-Saturday at Headlight Shop #2 in Deptford.  She does clean artistic tattoos and enjoys preparing custom tattoo artwork as well as flash or word art.   

     She is nice and kind and likes kittens, her sisters, her friends and her country.  She is all about the American way of peace and love and art.  To learn a whole lot more about Liz Glitz check out
  You can email her at LizGlitz  

Also, check out her gallery of tattoos recently done located below: