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     John Ormsby is what the State of NJ calls an
" Approved Practitioner of tattoo". He is on file in both Salem and Gloucester County Health Departments as a Tattoo Artist.  John is a graduate of Philadelphia  University of the Arts ( 2013) , and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. In addition, John has experience working in Tattoo Studios, and came to Headlight Tattoo with an extensive Art Portfolio, as well as some tattooing experience. John successfully completed a 2000 hour Tattoo Apprenticeship  under the direct supervision of Harry J. Ake.
    John has the love and support of his family and friends, as well as the support of the entire staff at Headlight Tattoo , who have in a short time, adopted him as the team mascot. 
     To demonstrate love and support, his mother volunteered during his first week here to get a tattoo by him. She wound up with this sweet fairy with a celtic knot. Headlight says, "thats a good mom"!    Anyway check out the sweet fairy on this page, and spend some time perusing the pages to follow. John Ormsby is becoming one of South Jerseys Premier Tattoo Artists, and spends most of his time tattooing at the Woodstown Studio.
      Finally, John is not just a real talented and diverse individual who loves heavy metal, he also enjoys doing community service, volunteer work with the elderly, and long walks on the beach.   He's all about Tattoos and Love and everything that has to do with tattoos and sick music..-HJA

About John Ormsby