About Teresa "Rae"  Ballinger
She's a Momma Bear who loves her kids and other people's children too. She is the provider of temporary tattoos to all the children of the Woodstown Fall Festival. Although she rocks the dreads (usually under a heavy dread hat) and can probably beat me in arm wrestling, it is her kindness and soft disposition that shines. She cares a lot...about everyone.  Especially about our customers and the quality of her technical skills when she Pierces and Tattoos.
Currently working under direct supervision, Rae has, in a short time, put together a portfolio of Piercings and tattoos that any artist would be proud of.   Check up on her weekly for more postings in her portfolio. She is in with a good crew ( Best of South Jersey).  We have adopted her as our own.    - HJA
Teresa Rae Ballinger has been growing up on a farm in Mantua, NJ.  That is where she lives, grows her food, and raises children with her man-Mike Moffa.

After graduating from Clearview High School in '05, Rae went to Wyotech to learn how to build hotrods, majoring in welding and painting interiors. During that time, what became most interesting to her was Tattoos and Body Piercing. She spent a lot of her time, and a good bit of energy, helping out in a Tattoo/Piercing Studio on Philadelphia Avenue in Indiana PA. What she really wanted was to be a Body Piercer. And she wanted to be a mom. So she became a mom. Now she's a Mom and a Body Piercer at Headlight Tattoo and Body Piercing. Rae is a Health Department Approved Body Piercing Practitioner in Salem and Gloucester Counties, NJ.   Rae works at all three shops, depending on where we need her most.
 If you are interested in contacting her or getting a piercing or tattoo you can feel free to email her at 

Rae is into things that are kind. She oozes goodness and compassion.  She has a history of volunteer work and has been involved in Family Community Career Leaders of America, where she was known for her decorative sandwiches, frosted cakes done in a sassy manner, and her visits with old people.
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