David Capece was raised in South Jersey where he attended Paul VI Catholic High School.  It was at the Jersey Shore that he  learned to play the guitar, swim and surf. Dave works out every day and eats like a caveman.......really!  Just ask him for some caveman recipes for muffins and cookies!
     From 2002 until 2011 h
e basically prepared himself for 9 years -for an interview at Headlight Tattoo & Body Piercing. He finally got
the interview and was hired in March 2011. 
     His preparation included a Bachelors Degree from Cabrini College ( Radnor, PA) where he majored in Studio Art and Graphic Design.  He graduated in 2006.  He's worked in the graphics and sign undustry, did a few rounds as a teacher's aid at Radnor High, and then  broke into the Tattoo Biz by obtaining an old school apprenticeship at a well known Tattoo Studio in South Jersey.  David has been recognzed as an "Approved Tattoo Practitioner" by the  Health Department since February 2009.  He came to Headlight to bring his artwork and tattoo skills to a higher level. Dave has become one of South Jersey's most popular artists, and enjoys doing color work, traditional,  and black and grey.
     Presently, he tattoos full time at Headlight's Shop #1 in the Westville Grove section of Deptford, where he has built a long list of loyal customers and has made many good friends.  Working side by side with some of the best Tattoo Artists in the industry has it's benefits.  David's tattoo work is solid and right on.  Building a following of faithful clients is what we're all about here at Headlight Tattoo, and David is becoming busy doing  color portraits, and Tattoos that are realistic.    

 Please check out David's online portfolio, and continue to check his Instagram for the most recent Portraiture and realism.  It'll be interesting to see what he'll tattoo next.   ---HJA

If you would like to be tattooed by David you can email him at